About La Nueva de Zacatecas Tortillerías

This company has its origins in Rio Grande, Zacatecas since 1968. There Mr Arsenio Vázquez Muñoz, owner and founder, set his first Tortillería with few financial resources: LA NUEVA.

Since he wanted to expand his business, his wife Carolina Martínez and sons supported him in the consolidation of it. Nowadays, thanks to his full commitment, management and vision, this company is one of the best companies in the Latin American market and in the USA.

In 2000, Javier A. Vázquez Martínez, the youngest son of Mr Arsenio, start off his own business a “Tortillería” in the city of Arlington, Texas.At the beginning was a difficult and exhausting task due to US law and regulations which are different to Mexican ones.

However, it was no obstacle to hold this Zacatecan entrepreneur, because he managed to beat all these problems and established his first Tortillería in the space of eight months. It was named: LA NUEVA DE ZACATECAS.

“LA NUEVA” as a tribute to his parent’s vision and his respect for his parent’s work.

DE ZACATECAS” as a tribute to this beautiful Mexican region where he was born.
Next, his relatives established other similar businesses, starting a chain of Tortillerias with exposed machines to customers and the general public.

Our Values

  • Freshest and most delicious Mexican products
  • TRUE flavors from your childhood (Mexican)
  • Great variety and quality of products from Mexico
  • We offer wholesale prices for Restaurant and Supermarkets
  • Our products can be distributed anywhere around the metroplex